How Giving Money Can Make You Money

I know what you are thinking when you open this post… you’re skeptical.

How can you make money from giving away money? Isn’t the money going in the wrong direction?

It sounds strange, but giving away some of your time and money almost always brings you back more than you’ve given. 

There’s a great quote that goes:

“If you give people what they want, they will give you what you want.”

– anonymous

This couldn’t be more true. When you do favors for people or help them out in a time of need, they will begin to value and respect you more. Then when you need something, they won’t hesitate to help you out. 

Now this isn’t always the case, you may be thinking “well this person never does anything for me.” That might be true. There are people out there that unfortunately take advantage of people, and these are people you should avoid. They aren’t adding value to your life!

Back to the point. Think about a time when you went out of your way to help someone with a problem. Maybe they were moving out of their apartment and needed a hand or needed you to pick them up from the mechanic because their car broke down. I guarantee 9 times out of 10, the next time you needed something from that person, they didn’t hesitate to help you.

Law of Attraction

There is a beautiful thing in this world called “The Law of Attraction” and it can truly change your life. The idea of this law is that if you put positive energy and good deeds out into the world, you will attract that type of energy. The same goes for giving and helping others. If you help people on a consistent basis, that positive energy will find its way back to you.

On the flip side, if you are constantly angry and search for problems in your life, you will attract more problems and anger. Think about the last time that you started your day and were angry that something inconvenient happened, like stubbing your toe or your favorite pants ripping. What happened with the rest of your day? I bet it ended up being a bad day, because you were putting negative energy out into the world, so you attracted more of it.

How Can This Relate to Money?

Now I know this is a finance blog, so let’s relate this to money.

When Warby Parker was beginning their journey to become an eyewear business, they decided to do something that most companies wouldn’t imagine doing: giving away their products for free.

They decided that giving away one pair of glasses for every pair sold would do a few things:

  • Help millions of less fortunate people who are unable to access the funds or insurance to pay for glasses
  • Spread awareness of the Warby Parker brand so they could then continue to grow and donate more glasses
  • Increase revenues due to new customers who want to help impact the world positively

These are just three benefits, but there are so many more for Warby Parker from using the Law of Attraction that help them grow their business while helping out those in need. 

If you have a business, think about ways that you can impact the community to help grow.

What About Non-Business Owners?

If you don’t own a business, the same can apply to you as well. 

For one, think about The Law of Attraction. Where are some areas that you tend to think negatively? What are you constantly thinking about? 

Let’s talk a little bit about the money aspect of it. You want more money, how can giving away your money or time benefit you?

Here’s an example of how I used this recently.

The Law of Giving

Last year, the company I worked at wanted someone to volunteer to go to a high school and put together a presentation about financial literacy and talk to students about a career in accounting.

Most of my co-workers laughed it off and didn’t want to do it. They saw it as a waste of time. 

I mean think about it. Building out a 45 minute presentation, travelling to the high school, giving two presentations, answering questions, etc. It was a lot of work.

With the heavy workload, they would rather focus on their own work before helping others. I saw it as an opportunity. 

Networking is Key

When I went to the high school, there was a small networking event among the presenters before we all disbursed to different classrooms for our presentations.

While there, I met a business owner of a start-up and we got to chatting. We spoke about a lot of topics; our college careers, my career in accounting and of course, his business. 

I gave him some advice for start-ups from an accounting perspective that I picked up over time by working on other clients. 

He then told me about his friend who was writing a book on financial literacy and thought it would be great to meet each other. So he set up a meeting.

Small Positive Actions Add Up

Let’s take a step back and see where we are.

First I decided I wanted to spend some of my time teaching and helping high school students learn about financial literacy.

Then I decided to help the business owner with tips for his business. He then introduces me to another connection.

Do you see how these small positive actions are adding up? This is the Law of Attraction working in the background.

Building Momentum

Connections are important. As you begin to offer your time and services, you will begin to meet more people and present yourself with more opportunities. This is called momentum. Take this and keep it moving.

There is a great book called The Compound Effect that I recommend everyone reads. It speaks about this exact idea that I put into place in this situation. Consistent effort applied daily will reap enormous benefits.

Read about my review of the book in this recent post.

Riding the Wave of Momentum

The next step was meeting with the author of the financial literacy book. He saw the same issues that I saw, which was a leading cause to me starting this website. 

People graduating from high school and college knew close to nothing about personal finance! The school system doesn’t set people up for financial success, and it’s our goal to help bring that information and knowledge to people.

When I met with him we exchanged ideas and goals, it was great to meet such a like-minded person. Part of the Law of Attraction is giving your time and putting out positive vibes as we did when we met each other. During this conversation, I offered some ideas for his book and advice from my job as an accountant. It was a mutually beneficial conversation and we have both kept in touch since.

Continue to Give

Now I know I’m taking you through a long story here, and we haven’t gotten to the benefit yet. All it seems as of right now is that I’ve dished out a ton of knowledge to people and haven’t really gotten anything in return yet. 

But what I am getting is experience and awareness. People are becoming aware of who I am and what I do. I’m riding this wave of momentum. The funny thing about giving is you don’t know when or how you are going to be rewarded. All we can do is continue to offer value to the world and know that great things are coming from our positive actions. 

Remember, put out positive actions and vibes out into the world and you will receive that energy back.

When Connections Pay Off

A few months went by and I didn’t hear from the author for a while. Then all of a sudden, an email pops up in my inbox.

“Accounting Opportunity”

It was the author. He thought of me when a friend asked him if he knew of anyone who could help out his non-profit with their accounting systems. He immediately reached out to me.

This was it! Offering free value to people is finally starting to come together. 

He introduced me to the non-profit and I ran with it. I helped the business out for free since they are a non-profit and relatively new so they didn’t have the funds to pay for an accountant.

To save you the boring accounting I did for them, let’s fast forward.


After a few months of helping out the business with their accounting in my free time, they asked if there was a possibility for long term help. 

Since I helped them out when they were in need, they didn’t hesitate to ask me what I thought about being their go-to paid accountant. 

What I was able to do from here was refer them to the manager at my company, who took the client on. 

I wasn’t in the position to take them in as a client of my own, since I don’t have an accounting business, but luckily, I work for one. 

The beautiful thing about this, is for that referral, I earn a percentage of the revenues billed to the non-profit going forward. Resulting in recurring income on top of my salary.

Expect Great Things

If you get one thing out of this, it’s that when you add value to others, opportunities will present themselves to you. Get the Law of Attraction on your side. Let it work for you.

You can attract great things, you just need to expect them to happen.

Did I know over a year ago that going to a highschool for a presentation would lead me to getting a client for my firm? No. Not at all. But I understood the benefits of going the extra mile for someone else.

A majority of people do what is expected of them. The minority will go above and beyond for others, and that is why they will get out ahead. They do what is hard, not what is easy.

So, give. Give your time, give your money. Give, Give, Give. And life will reward you immensely.

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