There are three areas that we like to focus on here at NYFG. Saving Money, Earning Money and arguably the most important, Investing Money.

The best way to truly create a great financial future for yourself is through the market.

On average, the S&P 500, an index that trades the 500 largest companies, increases 7% per year! This is far above the average savings account return.

Yes, the market can go down, in fact, it does every single day, week, month and year. But the incredible thing is, the overall trajectory of the market has been up!

If you take $1,000 an put it into your savings account earning 1% per year vs. an average of 7% per year in the stock market, after 5 years, your bank account will have $1,050 while your brokerage account will have $1,402!

Just for having your money in the market! There are other incredible benefits of investing your money, this is just the beginning!

In this area, we will teach you to the ins and outs of investing in the stock market, whether it be short term trading or long term investing, we’re here to help you build a future.

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