What is Your Greatest Asset?

What is your greatest asset?

Are a hard-working person? Is it that you’re goal oriented? Or is it a material object like a house or a car.

I was asked this question from a friend and I had to step back because I didn’t know what my answer would be.

Sure, I have always thought of myself as a hard-working and goal-oriented person, but I also felt like I was cheating myself because that seemed like a cop out answer.

The more I thought about it, the biggest asset that anyone could have is mindset.

Let’s talk about that.

Mindset Separates You From the Rest

The thing that is going to separate you from the rest, open doors for you and give you the life you want is mindset.

Every situation you put yourself in, whether it be professionally or personally, mindset will have a major impact on the outcome.

When you have an unlucky break, do you say “this would happen to me” or do you say “how can I learn from this so it doesn’t happen again.”

There’s the difference and its a big one. 

The first response is what we call a Fixed Mindset versus the second which is a Growth Mindset

Growth vs. Fixed Mindset

These two drastically different mindsets were explained by author and researcher, Carol Dweck, in her book Mindset: The New Psychology of Success. 

Fixed Mindset

The fixed mindset is one that believes that you are born with a certain ability or “ceiling”, and nothing can be done to change that.

This mindset believes that things are the way they are, and nothing can be done to fix it. People with this mindset are those who believe that successful people are there because of their talent or luck, often saying that they “caught a lucky break.”

When you adopt this mindset, it can be difficult to push yourself to have a big career jump or a great relationship. You may find yourself being passed up for a raise or promotion or thinking that no matter what you do, it wasn’t good enough. Life is hard… giving yourself this “limiting” mindset only makes it harder.

On the other hand….

Growth Mindset

A growth mindset is one that leads people to believe that they can achieve more. It’s having an underlying belief that their future is bright and you control your own destiny. 

This is the mindset of those people we read books about: the Bill Gates, Oprah Winfreys and Barack Obamas of the world.

A growth mindset is one that believes, no… scratch that… it is one that knows that their abilities, talent, skill and intelligence can be built upon and developed

Which Mindset Do You Have?

Your mindset can be placed in two very different buckets.

If you find yourself saying you have a little bit of both, that’s great! That means you’re closer to developing a growth mindset.

If you find yourself leaning towards a fixed mindset, don’t worry, its natural. It’s not too late to change, either. Changing your mindset is just like changing anything. Take your body for example. You aren’t going to get a 6-pack overnight, just as you can’t change your mindset overnight. 

Changing the way you think can be hard. We’ve been conditioned for years and years by those before us. 

We’ve Been Groomed to Think This Way

Most of the readers here are Millennials, who were raised by Gen X’ers. This was a generation that was raised to believe they needed to find a 9-5 job at a desk for a big company and work there for years until they could retire. They went to a job they hated for 40 years so they could live a comfortable life.

Conveniently, the big company they worked for was founded and owned by someone with a growth mindset. 

It was a time when people couldn’t make their own decisions and speak out. That’s why as you were growing up, you were told that you should “find a nice stable job” and that you shouldn’t leave our jobs after a year or two because it’s about being “loyal to one company.”

If that doesn’t scream fixed mindset, I don’t know what does.

Growing up as a millennial, you were blessed with the digital age and having the ability to access millions of resources via the internet. 

You are able to see that difference between those who have a growth mindset and those who have a fixed mindset.

The main question here is… how can you adopt a growth mindset? 

Tips for Working Towards a Growth Mindset

1. Read More

Reading is great for your mind, but it also depends on what you read. Try picking up some self-improvement books. I know, yuck. You don’t want to be that person that reads about selOne of my favorite self-improvement books is How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie. Give it a read, it will go a long way.

2. Audit The People Around You

I truly believe that you are a combination of the people you spend your time with. When you constantly allow yourself to be around negative and limiting thoughts, you will begin to think that way.

On the other hand, if you allow yourself to spend time with people who have a growth mindset, you will begin to think with one. 

3. Exercise

Working out does incredible things for your mind and body. I could go on about this for hours, but that’s for another day.

Most people see it as going to the gym and growing your muscles by lifting weights or going for a run. But what you don’t see is how you are training your mind. 

The mental aspect of working out is often overlooked. By completing a difficult workout and developing a habit of working out, you are training yourself to be mentally tough.

Plus, seeing improvements in your body can also help change your mindset as well.

4. Be Positive

Change your thoughts from “that’s too hard” to “if I work hard I can do it”

Think “wow, I crushed that hard workout” instead of “that workout sucked, this is why I don’t work out”

Thinking positively will help lead you to greater things. With a better outlook comes better outcomes.

5. Jump Out Of Your Comfort Zone

This is arguably the most important inhibitor of change. 

Go to a networking event, introduce yourself to someone new, join a club or start a new class. 

Putting yourself in new situations and overcoming that fear will do incredible things for you.

You’ll meet new people which will allow you to see different personalities and mindsets. You will be able to learn something new. It will open doors for you that you didn’t know existed and that alone will do incredible things for you.

Mindset is your greatest asset. It’s something that needs a lot of work and training, but once you are able to think your possibilities are endless, you will be able to achieve what it is that you set out to accomplish.

Here’s to change. Time to grow.

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